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Systems Modeling

Our researchers in systems modeling are interested in the development of theory, methodology, and applications toward understanding the behavior of large-scale systems as well as fundamental research and applications of simulation models and stochastic systems. Particular focus areas include systems analysis and synthesis, risk analysis, decision making under system uncertainty, simulation and stochastic modeling, development of domain specific simulation languages, design of queuing systems, statistical analysis of simulation outputs, and computational results of system models.

Centers and Laboratories

The Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Center studies the interference issues between wireless communication systems and other electronic devices. The EMC center is a leading organization in the total systems approach to integrating electrical engineering technology and industrial engineering systems study and optimization to yield solutions for interaction problems.

The research focus of the OU Systems Realization Laboratory (SRL) is to investigate the faster realization of better products. Current SRL projects fall into these broad categories: (i) simulation based design of complex systems, (ii) managing uncertainty in product and process design, and (iii) effective engineering education.

Recent Theses and Dissertations

"A Systematic Approach Towards Simulation-Based Integrated Product, Materials and Process Design," advised by Janet Allen

"Applications of Risk-Based Interdependency Modeling: Security and Sustainability," advised by Kash Barker

"A Methodology for Development of Domain Specific Simulation Applications and Environments," advised by Hank Grant

"Statistical Analysis of Flight Test Data for Collision Rick Models," advised by Hillel Kumin