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Finals Week - Spring 2014

All tutoring during the week of May 5-8 will take place in the Engineering Library located in Felgar Hall.

Sunday   Monday   Tuesday  
Yutong 2-8 Alex 4-6 Alex 1-3
Cao 1-9 Yutong 2-8 Yutong 2-4
Edward 1-9 Chris 1-5 Tuesday 1-5
    Tyler 1-4 Tyler 1-4
    Amy 7-9 Miguel 1-5
    Miguel 1-7 Sergio 1-5
    Sergio 1-7 Rannyu 4-9
    Rannyu 1-6 Nick 1-6
    Cao 1-9 Edward 6-9
Weds   Thurs      
Yutong 2-8 Alex 4-6    
Amy 3:30-7 Miguel 7-9    
Nick 1-4 Sergio 7-9    
Edward 5-9 Rannyu 1-9    
Pattaranan 2-6 Nick 4-9    

Who: All students in the college of engineering can take advantage of the free tutoring services.  We also have some petroleum engineering and geological sciences tutoring available.


Where: Engineering Library (2nd Floor of Felgar Hall) & Engineering Practice Facility (Room 230)

What courses do we tutor?
AutoCAD, Calculus 1-4, Chemistry 1&2, Design & Manufacturing Processes, Digital Design, Differential Equations, Electrical Science 1&2, Electrical Circuits 1&2, Electromagnetic Fields, Electronics, Energy Conversion, Engineering Economics, Enterprise Engineering, Fluids, Geology for Engineers, Intro to CEES, Intro to Petroleum Engineering, Linear Algebra, Materials Science, Modern Physics, Numerical Methods, Organic Chemistry 1&2, Physical Chemistry 1&2, Physics 1&2, Physics (Mechanics & Kinetics) , Pro-E, Programming, Reservoir Rock Properties, Signals (Filtering & Systems), Statics (Dynamics & Mechanics), Statistics, Thermodynamics, Technical Writing, and much more!


The Dean’s Leadership Council (DLC) – Division of Tutoring will establish connections with students academically leading to a strong sense of achievement within the College of Engineering through student-to-student interaction.



During my freshman year, I found it a little difficult to transition from high school to college. I spent more time trying to teach myself things that some teachers hadn't done a good job explaining in class. I never knew there were tutors on campus with whom you could get help from without having to pay for them. This is the kind of opportunity the DLC turoring program offers.