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Academic Regalia

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Academic Regalia

Academic regalia are the traditional dress for degree candidates participating in College Convocations, as well as the university-wide Commencement ceremony.

Students on the Norman, OUHSC and OU-Tulsa campuses may pre-order academic regalia* for pick up at Graduation Gear-Up.

order regalia - Norman Campus

order regalia - HSC Campus

order regalia - OU-Tulsa Campus

*NOTE - Fine Quality regalia is custom made and most commonly purchased by individuals pursuing a career in higher education.

Doctoral Degree Candidates

Among the most elaborate regalia on display at Commencement is that of the doctoral degree candidates. Doctoral regalia is decorated with velvet lapels and three velvet stripes on each sleeve. OU has customized doctoral gowns with crimson velvet on the front lapels and stripes on the sleeves. In place of the mortarboard, most doctoral students choose to wear a tam, a velvet hat with a gold tassel.  Gold tassels on the mortarboard or tam represent a doctoral degree.

The inside lining of the hood bears the colors of the institution from which the degree was earned. OU doctoral hoods are lined in satin crimson and cream. The velvet on the top side of the hood represents the specific degree. For example, royal blue velvet represents a Doctor of Philosophy or PhD.

Doctoral Regalia Package - Mortarboard, Short Gold Silky Tassel, Hood and Gown with Crimson Velvet: $102.50 (sales tax not included)

For an additional cost, Fine Quality Doctoral Regalia is available for purchase.

Law Regalia Package - Velvet Tam, Gold Bullion Tassel, Hood, and Gown with Crimson Velvet: $161 (sales tax not included)

Master's Degree Candidates

Master’s degree candidates wear a modified gown with longer sleeves, the mortarboard with a tassel, and a hood. Most master’s candidates wear a black tassel and the velvet on the top side of the hood represents the degree. Some master programs have a customized tassel in addition to the customized velvet on the hood, like Allied Health, with a Nile Green tassel and hood.

Master’s Regalia Package – Mortarboard, Tassel, Hood, and OU customized gown with a University Seal embroidered on the yoke: $54.50 (sales tax not included)

Bachelor's Degree Candidates

A black gown and mortarboard are worn by bachelor's degree candidates. A tassel in the color designated for the specific academic discipline is attached to the mortarboard. Some students receive stoles or cords based on participation in certain activities or organizations.

Bachelor’s Regalia Package – Mortarboard, Tassel, and OU customized gown with a University Seal embroidered on the yoke: $31.50 (sales tax not included)

Academic Distinction Hood

Those graduating with distinction wear a gold hood with their gown.

The with distinction degree designation is conferred by the student’s degree-granting college. Each college has established unique requirements for graduating with distinction or special distinction. Distinction is based primarily on the student’s grade point average. Both the transcript and the diploma carry the designation. Contact your academic advisor for specific requirements.

Academic Distinction Hood: $17.25 (sale tax not included)

Honors Hood

Honors College graduation candidates wear a crimson hood with their gown.

Students graduate with honors must have been accepted to the Honors College and have fulfilled the requirements outlined by the Honors College.

Cum Laude (3.40-3.59)
Magna cum Laude (3.60-3.79)
Summa cum Laude (3.80-4.00)

Honors Hood: $17.25 (sales tax not included)

4.0 Medallion

Undergraduate students with an overall 4.0 GPA are eligible to receive a 4.0 University medallion on a crimson ribbon.

Students must have a 4.0 on all OU work and on any work transferred from other institutions, including concurrent enrollment taken during high school. They may wear the medallion during Commencement and Convocation exercises.

In addition, their names will be listed in a special section of the May Commencement program, and they will be invited to attend a special 4.0 University medallion presentation.

Students who qualify will be notified by their degree-recommending college. The Graduation Office will provide information regarding the presentation. Presentations are held during the fall and spring semesters. If students are unable to attend the presentation, they may pick up their medallions in the Graduation Office (Wagner Hall, Suite 203).

All 4.0 medallion students are also eligibleto wear the gold Academic Distinction hood or the crimson Honors hood with their gown which may be purchased for an additional fee (listed above).

Stoles and Cords

Students may be awarded additional stoles and cords based on their membership or participation in organizations. Please consult with your organization's president or adviser to determine if there are stoles or cords and available as well as where they can be purchased or picked up.