Information Technology Council 2005-2006

Minutes, Meeting of Monday, August 29, 2005

Members Attending: Cheryl Carney, Deborah Trytten, Sarah Robbins, Dennis Aebersold, Teri Murphy, Hunter Crowther-Heyck, Matt Matos, Jamie Skibsted, Mike Sewell, Robert Kelly, Don Maletz. Guests: Loretta Early, Matt Singleton.

Absent: Matt Deeg, Nick Hathaway, Burr Milsap, Dimitrios Papavasilliou

Minutes of the May 2, 2005, meeting were approved, on a motion by Jamie Skibsted seconded by Deborah Trytten, with amendment of a date error (meeting was May 2, not May 21).

1. Announcements, organizational:

Circulated Deborah Trytten’s report to the faculty senate concerning the activities of the ITC in 2004-05.

Review of the formal charge to the ITC and other documents relevant to the mission, all from the ITC website:

Robert Kelly has agreed to be responsible for maintaining the site, which contains links to approved policies and minutes of meetings, along with other materials, including the charge, a list of members, and so forth.

Deborah Trytten will continue to represent ITC on the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Classroom Technology for the fall semester.

2. Report on the status of policies proposed by ITC in 2004-05:

The Web Policy was approved by the faculty and staff senates late in the spring. There were two inquiries raised in the staff senate: concerning the adequacy of the reference to accessibility and concerning provisions for VPN access to the web.

The Network Policy was polished in an exchange of drafts after the final meeting of the spring semester and the faculty senate executive committee has taken it under consideration, with approval possible in one of the early fall meetings.

3. Report on Information Technology achievements and goals:

Dennis Aebersold provided an extensive overview of IT achievements in 04-05 and goals for 05-06 and circulated copies of the brochure describing the main points. These included national recognition (inclusion in Forbes 100 “most wired” campuses), a major effort to respond to President Boren’s security directive, expansion of resources for research computing, infrastructure improvements, growth of the Dell Lease Program providing computers to faculty and extension of the leasing program to include Apple computers, enhancement of classroom technology, expanded student services (including wireless access), planning for connection to the National Lambda Rail and to the Texas state research network, and implementation of the D2L course management system.

Issues or questions raised by ITC members:

1. Recommendations for better publicity about the IT Store, software available for download, site licenses already purchased by departments/colleges, and other support services.

2. Re the downloading of music and movies, IT has a policy of educating students about the requirements of the law. If complaints are directed to IT concerning particular cases, the matter is referred to Office of Legal Counsel, which deals with the students to advise them about the copyright law and attempts to make sure they adhere to it.

3. Deborah Trytten inquired about the prospects for eliminating the use of a portion of social security numbers for the OU 4x4 username. Dennis Aebersold committed to solving the problem this academic year and providing an up-date once every three months on IT progress on this issue.

4. In response to a question, Dennis replied that the degree audit system is operative. Problems or issues should be taken up with the office of the Registrar. Similar advice was delivered concerning the apparent inability of to recognize transfer courses appropriately.

5. Re D2L: now that the initial transition has succeeded with relative little pain, faculty might welcome instruction on how better to utilize the system for maximum educational benefit as well as instruction on best practices in course design. This need might be addressed by Instructional Services.

4. Agenda for Fall 2005:

The remainder of the meeting explored issues to be addressed in the fall semester. A preliminary agenda is:

1. To review and advise on revisions to the IT “Guide to Services.” Matt Singleton will provide the current draft for review at the next meeting.

2. Initiate the steps to incorporate an official reference or link to IT policies into the faculty and staff handbooks and make these policies better known to faculty, administrators, and staff generally. Robert Kelly and Deborah Trytten will report on this item.

3. Review the three policies that are labeled “interim”: Policy on Information Systems Security (approved May 9, 2003), Policy on Acceptable Use of Information Resources (approved May 9, 2003), and E-mail policy (approved June 5, 2003). If feasible, ask the faculty and staff senates to remove the “interim” statement from each. 4. Ascertain whether IT policies are in compliance with ADA requirements and with state rules on accessibility expected to become official Oklahoma policy upon approval by the Governor.

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm.

Don Maletz