Information Technology Council 2005-2006

ITC Meeting Minutes

May 21, 2005 3:00-4:30

In attendance were: Loretta Early (representing Dennis Aebersold), Robert Dougherty, Robert Kelly, Cheryl Carney, Burr Milsap, Donald Maletz, Fran Ayres, Sarah Robbins, Mike Sewell, and Deborah Trytten.
Absent: Adam Westerman, Nick Hathaway, Dimitrios Papavassillou, Hunter Crowther-Heyck, and Matthew Matos.

Approval of March Minutes

Approval was moved by Don Maletz, and seconded by Robert Dougherty. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Web Policy
The introduction of the web policy was criticized by a member of the Faculty Senate as representing a list of rules and regulations without any indication of what the policy provided for the faculty. A few sentences, shown below, were added to the policy. These changes have been accepted by the faculty member, and legal counsel. The changes were accepted by the ITC without a formal vote.

Web pages on the internet are the preferred source of information for many individuals.  Therefore, the University’s web pages will be, for many, their first and only view of the University of Oklahoma community. Our web pages need to reflect our values including respect for intellectual property, respect for individual’s privacy, the need to make our information available to everyone without regard to disability, the need to support open public dialogue, and respect for the law.


Network Policy
There is urgency in completing this policy, since IT needs it to be in place as soon as possible. After we’ve reviewed the policy, we’ll need to decide whether the policy is mature enough to go forward to the Faculty, Staff, and Student Senates at this time. Since the senates will not be able to vote on this policy until Fall of 2005, waiting until Fall 2005 to send the policy forward will entail only a one month delay. This delay is acceptable to IT, if necessary to obtain a high quality policy.

This document was based on a dated 1996 document.  This document contained outdated terms (like “backbone”), and still referred to DCTS, a precursor to IT.  The topics in this document are basically the same. Wireless networking has been added to the document.

The remainder of the meeting was a point by point discussion of the Network Policy, as summarized below.  The latest revision of the policy is attached.

It was determined that the ITC needs to discuss this policy again before putting it forward.  This will delay implementation of the policy for only one month.