Information Technology Council

August 16th, 2001


In attendance: 

Dennis Aebersold, Bob Swisher, Molly Roberts, Rosemary Hayes, Robert Kelly


Visitors:  Nicole Judice, Karen Cozart, June Lester, Dave Hocker


Report from CIO:


An update was given on the recent Blackboard courseware server problems, various virus situations, security, and campus wide notification.  CIO Aebersold has 2 of his top people working on the backup system and writing a plan for redundancy in mission critical systems.


Dr. Swisher asked subcommittee chairs to introduce themselves, tell who is on their committee, and when do they meet.


Reports from subcommittees:

Networking (Scott Russell) - no report


Administrative (Molly Roberts) - There was a discussion on the recommendation on the imaging RFP.


Research and Creative Activity  (Tom Ray) - no report.


Instructional (RoseMary Hayes) - There was a discussion about the need to get reports from people who were awarded UTIL money.


Reports from task forces:

Section 508 (Suzette Dyer) - Swisher distributed documentation on the committee's policy recommendations.  The  recommendations will be discussed at the next meeting after members have reviewed. 


Video Conferencing (Bruce Mason) - no report

Online Class Notes - no report


New Business:

There was a brief discussion on the student fees collected and used by IT.  The committee would like a report on how the fees have been spent over the past year.


Swisher asked that IT produce and make available an organizational chart so the campus knows who to call in different situations.


Aebersold informed the committee of changes in the IT organization.  There will be three divisions with each division having 2 co-leaders.