Information Technology Council
August 8, 2003
Special Meeting

Attending:† Fran Ayres, Dan Hough, Pramode Verma, Loretta Early, Robert Kelly, Mike Sewell, Burr Millsap and Jean Marie Burke

Guest: Matt Younkins

This meeting was a special meeting called to discuss a need to place a cap on the size of email file attachments and to discuss a time for fall meetings. †Absence will not be counted toward attendance.†

Matt Younkins explained that the McAfee Anti-virus software has a 10 mg. per item limit. As a result there is a need to impose a limit on the size of incoming email files so that the Anti-Virus software can be functional and not slow the system down excessively. He reported that other Big-12 institutions have limits on the size of incoming mail attachments ranging from 4 to 26 megabytes per email. For example the University of Texas limit is 10 megabytes. Robert Kelly pointed out that this limit may not be truly in effect for all faculty and staff at these institutions because some units operate their own email servers.

Matt noted that the University of Oklahoma currently has a 20 megabyte limit on the OU Exhange server. The proposed change is to add a limit of 20 megabytes to the pop server. This would allow filtering on the pop server which is the primary email used by students. IT did a review of the number of files coming into OU over 10 megabytes during the week prior to the meeting and reported that there were 31 pieces of email during that week. He indicated that while he was recommending the 20 megabyte limit for all email the intent was that IT would monitor the impact of this restriction and would consider future modifications if it posed problems. He also said that he would report back to the ITC at a future meeting the impact of the policy. He also indicated that IT could assist faculty or staff needing to send or receive large files if a problem arose (For example, large files can be zipped).

The issue of viruses in zipped files was discussed.† Anti-virus software does not scan zipped files. As a result it is possible that viruses can be imported on files that are unzipped to a userís hard drive.† Viruses on zipped files will only be detected when unzipped assuming that the recipient has appropriate anti-virus software in place.

Matt also noted that the Exchange server update will not take place until the end of the Fall semester because of concerns about the possible implementation problems that need to be resolved.

The members of the ITC Committee in attendance voted unanimously to support the 20 megabyte limit as an interim policy. The Committee did request updates on the number and type of files exceeding the limit over a period of time for both faculty-staff and students as it was noted by a committee member that the week of August 8 may not be representative.

Finally the issue of meeting times was discussed. Based on feedback from most members of the ITC the times available for meetings are quite limited. It was agreed that meetings would be scheduled on Monday afternoons at 3:00 but scheduled to avoid Faculty Senate and Faculty Senate Exec committee meetings. More details and specific meeting dates will be determined later.

The minutes of the special meeting held on June 3 were approved. Fran Ayres noted that due to staff reductions there would not be anyone to take minutes at ITC meetings. In light of this she will try to keep track of what happens at the meetings with the help of the committee members.