Information Technology Council

February 15, 2001


In attendance:  Loretta Early, Bob Swisher, Fred Striz, Frank Durso, Robert Kelly and Jim White.


Minutes from the January meeting were approved.


Report from CIO:


New hires were announced, the development of an IT web site showing who's who at  IT is underway.  ITS (Instructional Tech Services) is now a part of IT Services and TIC (Tech Information Center) is moving into the building occupied by the Computer Store.



Reports from subcommittees:

Networking (Scott Russell) -  Co-Chair Jim White will be attending when Chair Scott Russell is not available.  They will be looking at a variety of networking problems and working with IT to come up with a plan.

Administrative (Molly Roberts) - no report

Research (Tom Ray) - Membership for this committee has been put together.  Members include Bruce Rowe, Coutrney Garrison and Dan Hough.  Fred Striz would like someone from Engineering to be included.

Instructional (RoseMary Hayes) - no report


Reports from task forces:


Section 508 (Suzette Dyer) - no report

Video Conferencing (Bruce Mason) - no report


Online class notes were discussed.  There is a grad student in LIS with a legal background is looking into documentation.


18 People attended the last PBS presentation.


New Business:


ISP accessibility was discussed.  Bob Swisher would like to see data on the usage by students, faculty and staff.  IT is checking with vendors about options, costs and community needs.