ITC Minutes

Friday, February 28

10:30 – 12:30


The meeting was called to order at 10:35.  Members present: Deborah Trytten, Dan Hough, Bob Dougherty, Robert Kelly, Dennis Aebersold, Tom Ray, Teri Turkington, James Gardner, K.B. Lee, and attending from remote sites: Pramode Verma and Fran Ayres.


Approval of Minutes of January ITC Meeting: A motion was made by Dan Hough and seconded by Bob Dougherty to approve the minutes with changes.


ITC Blackboard Site:  Dan Hough has set up a website on Blackboard, course title “Information Technology Council” that all ITC members can access with their 4x4’s for general information pertaining to ITC.  He will also include all ITC committee and sub-committee members.  Deborah asked that everyone have faculty and TA privileges.


Report from Multi-Campus Issues Subcommittee:  Nothing to report this month.  Pramode Verma will have a conference call today at 2:00 with Robert Kelly and K.B. Lee to discuss issues.  Deborah Trytten brought up the Teach issue, which this subcommittee and the Policies subcommittee will discuss at a later date.


Report from Common Computing Needs Subcommittee: Tom Ray and Dan Hough discussed the problem that several departments on campus were having problems receiving email due to OU being marked as an ‘open relay’.  Dennis Aebersold explained that this problem is fixed now but that ‘open relay’ meant when anyone sends ‘spam’ to OU, because we are an ISP, it automatically gets reported to ORDB (Open Relay Data Base) and we get marked as a spam site.  Any company who subscribes to ORDB will be stopped from sending us emails until the problem is fixed.  The committee may need to discuss whether or not OU should subscribe to ORDB for security reasons. Hopefully when the new E-mail policy gets approved, this problem will be stopped.


Tom Ray also discussed the Liaison program for desktop support and why it was disbanded.  Dennis said that it was brought before the college deans and they were no longer in favor of it due to budget concerns with the exception of Engineering, Geo Sciences, and Architecture.  Dennis is in favor of this program but until the deans agree to support this project, nothing can be done.  James Gardner suggested that perhaps some of the endowment money from the Technology campaign be used as ‘seed money’ to fund the payment for these liaisons and or new computers.  Dennis will bring a list of what this might cost to next month’s meeting.  The committee agreed that the dean’s should be informed of these concerns.


Report from Classroom & Teaching Needs Subcommittee:. Deborah distributed handout and suggested that a committee be established to handle classroom maintenance that includes people from several departments. An old committee was in place years ago but was disbanded because of ‘Section 13 funds’. She and Bruce Mason wrote a new charge to the Classroom & Teaching subcommittee and it was presented to the faculty senate.  It has been proposed to approach President Boren to gather funds to support this issue. A second concern is how to get instructional development training to faculty.  Committee is working with Dee Fink to start holding faculty seminars next fall.


Report from Policy Subcommittee

(Email policy): Dan Hough distributed handout outlining the interim email policy for the Norman campus.  Will be going to staff senate sometime this week.  The committee reviewed the policy and agreed that when it is approved that it should be added to the faculty/staff handbooks. The problem with spam email was discussed and it was decided that the phrase “not to send unsolicited or junk email” will be added to the mass email section.  A bullet will be added under ‘Rules for disabling of accounts addressing this.  The link under ‘Spam, junk email’ will be changed to a hyperlink instead of a sentence.  Under the Mass Email policy, change the second sentence from “These groups” to “Some of these groups”.


Discussion followed about the proper wording of the ‘Disabling of Accounts’ section.. It was agreed to change this to ‘Maintenance of Accounts’ and to move this section to the front page and put it before the ‘Enforcement’ section. Deborah Trytten moved that the interim policy be accepted, Dan Hough seconded, passed unanimously.  Deborah then made a motion to be able to make minor changes as needed with notification to the committee members, Dan seconded, passed unanimously.  Deborah made a motion that the sub-committee be allowed to make substansive changes as needed and she will cc the full committee by email, Dan seconded, passed unanimously.


Dennis Aebersold briefly discussed password theft.  Deborah said that the policy subcommittee will work on this problem next month and hopes that the policy could be sent out for approval as early as next year. Deborah asked about using Web CT instead of Blackboard and this subject will be on the agenda for next month.  Dennis said that HSC is already using Web CT and that we may be able to tag onto their license. Robert Kelly said that questions regarding the email policy that will be addressed at next month’s meeting.


(Teach Policy): This is a copyright law.  Greg Heiser/ Associate Provost will be at next month’s meeting to discuss.  It was suggested that Steve Cade in IT would be a good source for this issue.


Dan Hough made a motion to adjourn, Deborah Trytten seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 12:30pm.