Information Technology Council

January 18, 2001


In attendance:  Dennis Aebersold, Bob Swisher, Fred Striz, Molly Roberts, Robert Kelly, Rosemary Hayes, and Lindsey Bean.


A motion was made by Robert Kelly to approve the December minutes and seconded by Fred Striz.  Minutes were approved.


Report from CIO:


The fire in the tunnel was briefly discussed.  It was determined to be an electrical fire and all cables have been repaired and everything is back in service.


ECS is moving their servers to the EL building and will be absorbed by IT. 


IT has made 6 offers for new employees.  At this time 2 of those have be accepted.


Online enrollment is going as scheduled and will be ready for students to start enrolling for the fall semester.


Reports from subcommittees:

Networking (Scott Russell) - Bob Swished gave a brief

Administrative (Molly Roberts) - The committee met and discussed their concerns about communication, specially the lack of a communication tree so IT would know whom to call in case of an emergency and priority list of the services each area needs. 

Research (Tom Ray) - Committee is looking for another faculty member from outside the sciences and engineering.

Instructional (RoseMary Hayes) - Met with Dee Fink to discuss the timeline for the implementation of the UTIL grant.  She is working closely with IT on the Blackboard and Web CT project.  A suggestion was made to Rosemary for the University to have an award for a faculty member for innovative use of technology in the classroom as a use for some of the UTIL money.


Reports from task forces:


Section 508 (Suzette Dyer) - Expanding research Robert Kelly had started by looking at OU web sites for Bobby compliance is being done.  IT is assisting with analysis.

Video Conferencing (Bruce Mason) - no report


New Business:


Faculty Senate has asked Swisher to chair or form a committee under ITC to look at concerns of online class notes.  Striz will be one member and Aebersold suggested having someone from Legal to be on the committee.