ITC Minutes
Friday, January 24
10:30 - 12:30

The meeting was called to order at 10:35. Members present: Deborah Trytten, Loretta Early, Pramode Verma, Fran Ayres, JeanMarie Burke, Bob Dougherty, Dan Hough, Robert Kelly. Approval of Meetings of December ITC Meeting: A motion was made by Bob Dougherty and seconded by Dan Hough to approve the minutes with changes.

Report from Multi-Campus Issues Subcommittee: Nothing to report this month. The committee has 2 interim reports and are meeting within the next 2 weeks.

Report from Common Computing Needs Subcommittee: The committee did not meet in January, but will be meeting soon. Deborah suggested they meet with the classroom & teaching needs subcommittee. They will be setting up some focus groups. Deborah requested they bring their ideas before the ITC first to make sure all topics are being covered. The focus groups will be fairly unstructured, but the committee will have some prepared topics if they are required.

Report from Classroom and Teaching Needs Subcommittee: CAS's IT Committee's classroom technology recommendations were handed out. Deborah recently met with Bruce Mason who is making recommendation to the Dean of CAS. They are looking at pulling the various committees on campus working on the same projects together. The possibility of a provost advisory committee with faculty, staff and students along with members from ITC and IT was discussed. Dan suggested having Judy Stockdale from classroom scheduling involved. There is a problem of people teaching in a classroom with technology when they don't use it and others who need the technology are in a classroom without it.

Report from Policy Subcommittee (Email Policy): Emails accounts for students and faculty were discussed. Should faculty email accounts be terminated immediately or should they have a grace period? Some of the committee members feel faculty should be allowed to keep their accounts for a period after terminating in order to receive academic related emails. Email privacy was also discussed.