Information Technology Council

June 16, 2003

Special Meeting

Attending:† Fran Ayres, Dan Hough, Dennis Aebersold, Robert Kelly, James Gardner, Jean Marie Burke and Terri Pinkston.

This meeting was a special meeting called to discuss the goals and budgets of IT.† Absence will not be counted toward attendance.†

Dennis Aebersold presented an overview of the IT budget and a summary of organizational goals.

ITís infrastructure is in better shape, but is still a very high priority.† The network is the foundation, followed by the servers and the application layer.† One of the biggest infrastructure problems is that the applications are tied back to the mainframe which is very costly to maintain.†

Classroom technology is really bad in most of the classrooms.† Dr. Mergler is setting up a committee to look at technology/development in the classrooms.† It was pointed out that one problem that comes up is that people who not need the technology are in the classrooms with technology because they need the larger space or it is convenient.† †

A question was asked† regarding who would upgrade wiring in the older buildings.† IT will do the work, but will have to charge back the departments for costs.

IT is working to set up more wireless areas in the dorms.† There is a new pop system† and IT is working on upgrading the exchange system.† Blackberry will be coming out soon.† There are currently 30 betas on campus.†

Grants should be coming in soon for the supercomputer.

IT is looking at a new intrusion detection system.

IT is partnering with the ECS to open new Customer Service Centers (CSC).†† The centers will be similar to the past computer store.† Service will be provided through phone support, email or walk in.† Departments can bring their computers in for service or CSC field techs will go to departments to perform repairs.† There will be a charge for services based on the tier of service the department has selected.††

Dell will be locating a technical and sales person on campus to assist with the Dell leasing program.