ITC Minutes
Friday, March 28

The meeting was called to order at 10:45.

Attendees: Deborah Trytten, Dennis Aebersold, James Gardner, Bob Swisher, K.B. Lee, JeanMarie Burke, Bob Dougherty, Dan Hough, Robert Kelly, Tom Ray and Pramode Verma/Fran Ayres via telephone.

A motion to approve the minutes from the March meeting was made by Dan Hough and seconded by James Gardner.

The "rumor" of  Web CT being cancelled was discussed.  VP Aebersold assured members there will be 2 servers running Web CT with 2 full focus licenses which will be sufficient to cover faculty needs.

The Classroom and Teaching Needs Subcommittee met with Dee Fink to discuss the possibility of setting up an "Outstanding Faculty in IT" program.  There will be a more detailed discussion at the next ITC meeting. 

Robert Kelly passed out information he obtained from discussions with the University of Colorado regarding their email.  Bob Swisher brought up the issue of setting guidelines on the amount of storage an account should have.

The email policy was discussed and review in detail.  The committee had several recommended changes in the wording and location of some of the details.  One specific part discussed was the disabling of accounts, notification to the owner of the account and what is considered appropriate.  Dan Hough will make the suggested changes and will be posting the updated version on the ITC’s blackboard site for member review.  Deborah Trytten and Dan Hough will work with Legal for a resolution before the policy goes before the faculty senate.

Due to scheduling conflicts, the meeting for April will be rescheduled. 

There will be discussions of this year’s accomplishments and a review of priorties for next year at the next meeting.

Dan Hough made a motion to adjourn and it is was seconded by Promode Verma.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:15.