Information Technology Council
March 29, 2004

Attending Fran Ayres, Mike Sewell, Matt Singleton, Burr Millsap, Robert Dougherty, Dan Hough, Hunter Crowther-Heyck and Deborah Trytten

The minutes from the Feb. 16 meeting were not yet available. They will be approved at the April meeting. An election was held for Chair. Deborah Trytten was unanimously elected subject to her agreement to serve.  She agreed to serve and so was elected Chair for 2004-2005. The OUMM policy was discussed. It was suggested that the University prepare a digest instead of the large number of individual OUMM. ITC members suggested that it would be helpful to distinguish between policy matters and various official communications. It was agreed that Robert Dougherty would draft a suggested approach to these emails. It was  asked whether there was a web site for administrative activities. Burr Millsap said that there was not a source of all information readily available. Robert Doughterty said that Microsoft Office 2003 was a much better filter for junk mail. Matt agreed that IT could send out information that Office 2003 was available and would provide a better spam filter. 

Hunter Crowther-Heyck asked whether there was a problem with downloading McAfee virus protection for MacIntosh computers. Matt Singleton said he would look into it.

Fran Ayres asked whether or not it would be possible that Blackboard could incorporate random test development software into Blackboard. She noted that the University of Texas Austin is no longer supporting WebCT. No plans are in place to drop either WebCT or Blackboard.

Deborah presented the Email as Official Means of Communication Policy.  The Staff Senate wanted the policy to include staff. Considerable discussion focused on whether staff should be included in the policy. Discussion focused on whether or not staff had access to computers or should have access to computers.  The ITC approved the policy.