Information Technology Council

May 17, 2001


In attendance:  Bob Swisher, Charlie Green, Rose Hayes, Robert Kelly, Molly Roberts, Jim White, Scott Russell.



A motion was made by Rosemary Hayes to approve the April minutes and seconded by Robert Kelly.  Minutes were approved.


Report from CIO:


Charlie Green attended on behalf of Dennis Aebersold.  IT is looking into Internet 2 SURA, but no decision has been made.  IT is also looking into redundant paths to cover problems.



Reports from subcommittees:

Networking (Scott Russell) -  The committee met with Matt Younkins and Mike Sewell to discuss a new network design.


Administrative (Molly Roberts) - The committee still has some concerns about the legacy system and peoplesoft.


Research (Tom Ray) - no report


Instructional (RoseMary Hayes) - $100,000 available for UTIL with 13 proposals.  Meeting schedule to review selection process.


Reports from task forces:


Section 508 (Suzette Dyer) - no report

Video Conferencing (Bruce Mason) - no report


New Business: