Information Technology Council

November 15, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 9:07.

Approval of Meetings of October ITC Meeting:

A motion was made by Dan Hough to approve and it seconded by Terri Turkington.

Discussion of date of December meeting:

The meeting date will remain as scheduled - December 20th

Election of 2003-2004 ITC Chair:

Fran Ayers

Report from Multi-Campus Issues Subcomittee:

The Tulsa campus supports AD/Exchange 2K; there is an issue with Onenet and Worldcom – Tulsa would like to be included in this process; the Tulsa campus would like to see more support for video classrooms in Norman – more POCs and 24/7 support. All 3 campuses must standardize.

Report from Common Computing Needs Subcommittee:

Laura Gibbs as joined the committee. They are organizing focus groups to involve faculty and staff.

Report from Classroom and Teaching Needs Subcommittee:

The committee has met and identified 2 priorities – 1) faculty training and personal development (for this to appeal to faculty the timing will be important); 2) classrooms – help phone numbers for the classrooms problems.

Discussion of ITC Representation on Computing Committees Across Campus:

There are several computer related committees across campus. Deborah Trytten has been looking into getting a representative from ITC as a non-voting member. This will allow the ITC to be up to date on what those committees are doing and they will know in what direction the ITC is going.

Report from Policy Subcommittee:

Deborah Trytten and Bob Swisher are meeting with the Dean’s Council and Legal to review the Information policies. Drafts of the policies were distributed. Bob made a motion that the interim security policy be accepted by the ITC with reasonable changes from the Dean’s Council and Legal. Fran Ayers approved the motion and it was seconded by Pramode Verma.

Discussion of upcoming campus issues:

pornographic Korean spam – There are large amount of spam coming into the network that could be and is being considered offensive. The issue of using anti-virus software to block email was discussed, but CIO Aebersold pointed out that blocking email could result in someone not getting valid emails. The common computing needs committee has met with Mark McClellan and Matt Younkins from IT and will continue to work with them on a solution.

use of email for official university notification – This is a Legal issue, not an ITC issue

logon banner – The wording and direction for the banner came for Legal. The common computing committee will discuss with Legal rewording and changing it so users do not have to repeatedly accept the terms. Fran Ayers will assist.

The meeting was adjurned at 10:45.