Information Technology Council meeting



3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.




Fran Ayres, Hunter Crowther Heyck, Dan Hough, Bailey Rollins, Tom Ray, Jim Gardner, Bob Dougherty, Burr Millsap, Craig Cochell (guest, IT), Anthony Robins, Debra Trytten,  Terry Pinkston


Minutes of the October meeting we approved the motion made made by Dan Hough and seconded by Bob Dougherty with minor corrections.


The issues raised by Jeremy McIntire were discussed and the committee agreed that we would invite Jeremy to a meeting in the spring to discuss specific issues. We would also ask that someone from IT attend the meeting to respond. It was agreed that Robert Kelly, Fran Ayres and Craig Cochell would meet to discuss the issue of PHP and report back to the committee. The PHP issue was raised in an email sent to Fran Ayres in November.


Deborah Trytten presented the emails as an official means of communication policy. She reported that there were minor changes in the policy since the last meeting but that legal council had not reviewed it. She asked the ITC to approve the policy subject to approval of legal council and allowing for the possibility of minor changes by legal. After some discussion Hunter Crowther-Heyck moved to approve the policy as discussed and it was seconded by Bob Dougherty. The policy was approved unanimously.


Fran Ayres brought up the Tulsa meeting. Several people could not attend but it was agreed that those who could would go to Tulsa on Dec. 18.


Fran Ayres brought an IT document from the University of Connecticut as a starting point for a white paper on the IT environment at OU. She asked that committee members read the document and think about our vision as a starting spot for our document.


Fran Ayres asked if the students thought there were any issues that should be discussed. One student (Baily Rollins) raised the issue of security as a possible concern.


Jim Gardner reported on the classroom activities. They would focus on two main issues, the classroom and the tech environment for teaching. The key issue was the environment that would promote teaching and learning. Also the possibility of an endowment for classroom was discussed. Deborah noted that there is the possibility of a standing classroom technology committee. Hunter noted that what might be endowed would be model classrooms, or another possibility was giving money directly to faculty members. Jim noted that it was important to keep the focus of funds on technology.


Jim Gardner said he would like to see some funding focused specifically towards educational technology.


Software issues in the classroom were also discussed. Craig said that the university maintained general software but that specific applications needed to be maintained by individuals.


The benefits of leasing versus purchase were also discussed. Robert Dougherty argued for the benefits of leasing as a way to keep the costs of computers spread out over time. Hunter said what was important was the commitment to renew not the method of payment.


The warranty issue was discussed because if IT set up the computer then they provided the warrenty service but if they did not then it was up to the department.


Fran Ayres mentioned that at the Faculty Senate Exec. Committee Dennis Aebersold brought up spam control. Craig said that the university is checking to see if email is coming in from a valid domain. Craig said that the university had explored but had not implemented a black list.  A problem is that some students are selling their emails and becoming spammers.


The other issue Dennis brought up was Blackboard versus Web CT. No decision had been made. Deborah said Blackboard has had a problem with postings. The cost of Blackboard is much higher with version 6. Deborah noted that Web CT has features needed in math and chemistry. This is the ability to add randomized variables to exams. Also with Web CT you can both import and export spreadsheets for grades. Various issues related to the two were discussed. Craig said that IT would not likely make the decision but that the ITC would recommend.