Information Technology Council

October 19, 2000


In attendance: Bob Swisher, Robert Kelley, Scott Russell, June Lester, Tom Ray, Bruce Mason and Loretta Early on behalf of Dennis Aebersold.


The meeting began with an introduction of the members and a review of the minutes from the previous month. 


June Lester questioned if departments were aware of item 5F from the previous minutes (IT taking over the administration of departmental networks).  Bob Swisher said the Deans know, but he did not know if they had informed their chairs and directors.  Loretta Early said IT is looking at the departments on a case by case basis.  Some of the departments actually want IT to take over the servers as they have no desire to "run" the servers. 


Robert Kelley made a motion to approve the minutes and the motion was seconded by Tom Ray.


The meeting dates and times were discussed and it was decided to keep the schedule as it stands.


Old Business


A report was given by Bob Swisher regarding the members of the ITC sub-committees.  The sub-committees are:

Instructional - Co-chairs are Dee Fink and Rosemary Hayes

Networking - Co-chairs are Scott Russell and Jim White

Research - Co-chairs are Tom Ray and Dan Hough

Administrative Computing - Co-chairs are Bill Henwood and Molly Roberts


It was also suggested that Bruce Roe and Courtney Garrison be members of the Research sub-committee and Mark McClellan or his designate attend the Network sub-committee meetings.  CIO Aebersold will assign a liaison from IT to be on each sub-committee.


The next discussion was regarding media and video serving.  This is a project CIO Aebersold and Lee Williams are working on to determine the current and future technical needs of departments.  Bruce Mason is chairing a task force to research and report on what needs to be done to get all the departments going in the same direction. He has contacted SGI and staff from the various colleges regarding video serving since the last meeting.


The first presentation in the PBS series was discussed.  Swisher said the presentation was small, but successful.  There was a discussion of the series and how to get people more informed about the upcoming presentations and how to get them to participate in discussions.  Loretta Early suggested having people meet prior to the presentation to ask questions.


The changes to IT were briefly discussed.  IT is in the process of putting together a new web site with physical location and roles of the staff and the services IT will be providing.


A request has been sent to Kenneth Green to get a copy of the Annual Campus Computing Survey.  Bob Swisher said this survey will provide information that can be used to do a college by college comparison well as comparing OU to other campuses.  Loretta Early indicated the survey is on the Educause website, but the final version will not be available until December.


New Business


Scott Russell brought up the issue of University organization web pages.  It was brought out that no progress can be seen by people looking at the websites.  Information is different depending on which website you go to.  The committee asked that IT provide some input at the next meeting on where the OU website is going, any problems, planning and the steps involved. 


Meeting was adjourned.