Information Technology Council

October 18, 2000


In attendance: Dennis Aebersold, Bob Swisher, Jim White, Dan Hough, Rosemary Hayes, Tom Ray, Scott Russell


A motion was made by Rosemary Hayes to approve the minutes from the September meeting. The motion was seconded by Jim White and minutes were approved.


Report from CIO: Nothing reported from Dennis Aebersold. Bob Swisher questioned how blackboard, web CT and online enrollment were going. Aebersold reported that rebuilding of blackboard and web CT were going well. He also reported testing of 1000+ online enrollments went smoothly. Hayes requested a report of coursenet usage for last year and this semester be provided to the Education Subcommittee via her.


Reports from subcommittees:

Networking (Scott Russell) nothing reported

Administrative Molly Roberts has left the University. Dan Hough is going to ask Robbie Wahnee to fill the vacancy.

Research and Creative Activity (Tom Ray) There was a brief discussion regarding input from IT Liaisons on the needs and concerns of various departments/colleges.

Instructional (RoseMary Hayes) The information on the recipient of the UTIL has been sent to the Provost Office.



There was discussion of changing the ITC meeting schedule. Rather than physically meeting every month, it was decided to alternate between a virtual and actual meeting (see attached email from Swisher for details).


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From: Swisher, Bob

Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2001 3:52 PM

To: Swisher, Bob

Subject: ITC members: Remember, the November "meeting" will be VIRTUAL


If you recall, the ITC decided at its October meeting, to alternate on a monthly basis a schedule of real, then virtual, meetings. The November "in-person" meeting was cancelled (as will be the Jan, March, and May meetings) in favor of a virtual meeting. So, the calendar for the remainder of the academic year looks like this:


November Virtual

December 20 Real

January Virtual

February 21 (?) Real

March Virtual

April 18 (?) Real

May Virtual


Rosemary Hayes has one of her Arts and Sciences IT staffers working on bringing up the groupware product we will be using for the ITC's semi-monthly virtual interludes (WebBoard). It should be ready in the next couple of days, at which time she or I will alert you to its location (you will access it via your browser), what procedural rules we in the ITC will begin with in using it, how we will space out the agenda topics to be handled, etc.


I consider this an official OU experiment in virtual meetings: our council should learn enough by using this process to summarize our experiences at the end of the academic year in a report . . . and make recommendations to the University about the use of asynchronous meetings.


Since we have just one "face-time" meeting left in this semester (the third Thursday of December is the 20th), I will ask that Linda McCarty contact each of you to work up a table of can't-meet days/times for the second semester February and April meetings. With that information, she and I can work out a schedule for the February and April face-time meetings.