Information Technology Council

September 20, 2001



In attendance:

Dennis Aebersold, Bob Swisher, Scott Russell, Pramode Verma, Molly Roberts, Robert Kelly, Tom Ray, Chris Jones


Dr. Swisher welcomed the two new members Chris Jones from HSC and Pramode Verma from Tulsa then asked everyone to introduce themselves.


Report from CIO:


An update was given on the correction of bandwidth problems, the seriousness of the new virus, WebCT, Blackboard, Seat Management, Campus Agreement and OneNet.


It was discovered that there was some misinformation out there regarding the pricing of Seat Management and everyone was informed that the Campus Agreement does in fact include Mac software as well.


Reports from Subcommittees:

Networking (Scott Russell) Reported that there was no more redundancy with the Network than there was in December and that Matt Younkins was preparing recommendations for the committee.


Administrative (Molly Roberts) Reported that her committee wanted to help develop a recommendation for additional funding for IT for infrastructure.


Research and Creative Activity (Tom Ray) no report.


Instructional (RoseMary Hayes) no report.


Reports from Task Forces:

Section 508 (Suzette Dyer) A resolution was adopted to pass on the documentation to Dennis Aebersold, Catherine Bishop and the Faculty Senate. It was also discussed that the Webmaster is located at Public Affairs, not IT.


New Business:

Dennis presented the Connectivity Fee Expenditures that were requested during the last meeting along with org charts for IT.


It was also discussed that the meeting time of the Council could be changed to be more accommodating for everyone. Nothing was changed at this time.


Pramode Verma said that he would like the Council to write its points of reference and accountability so that the Council will know what its purpose is and what power it has.