Information Technology Council

September 20, 2002



In attendance:

Deborah Trytten, Verma Pramode, Bob Swisher, K.B. Lee, Dan Hough, Robert Kelly, Tom Ray and Loretta Early.



Committee members introduced themselves and gave a brief summary of their background.


Election of 2003-2004 ITC Chair:

This item is held over to the next meeting to give members not in attendance the opportunity to volunteer.


Update from Bob Swisher, Chair for the Policy Review sub-committee:

Bob gave a brief update on the process for policies.The sub-committee will work with various departments to draft policies.The proposed policies will then go to the ITC to ensure they meet ITC guidelines.If approved, the policies will then go to the appropriate Senate (Faculty or Staff) for approval and then to the President.Bob recommended someone having an ex-officio from HSC on the committee.


Priorities/goals/new committees for the 2002-2003 term:

The members discussed various topics of concern and broke the topics into 3 areas resulting in 3 new sub-committees, in addition to the recently formed policy review sub-committee.The sub-committees will consist of 3-5 members and 1 representative from IT as an ex-official member.The sub-committees will present their top 2-3 issues and their anticipated term at the October meeting.


Multi-campus Issues

Verma Pramode, Chair

K.B. Lee, Member

Robert Kelly, Member


This committee will address issues regarding better communication and use of audio conferencing between campuses.They will also review better communication of policies between the campuses.


Classroom and Teaching Needs:

Deborah Trytten, Chair

Bob Dougherty, Member

James Gardner, Member


This committee will address issues regarding reworking of classrooms for IT needs from the studentís perspective (desks to accommodate laptops); online classroom scheduling; the possibility of a policy to change traditional seated classes to non-seated by use of Blackboard and/or email; uniformity and laptop capabilities in labs; specific software requirements; the need for additional liaisons.


Common Computer Needs:

Tom Ray/Dan Hough, Co-Chairs

Laura Gibbs, Member


This committee will address issue regarding faculty training (specifically for non-IT skilled faculty); planning/implementation of new systems; outdated systems and surveying faculty and staff to gather information on their computer needs.


Pramode Verma made a request that the ITC to visit Schusterman Center in Tulsa.


The October meeting has been rescheduled for October 11th in Tulsa.For more information on transportation contact Deborah Trytten at