Information Technology Council
September 15, 2003
Regular meeting
3:00 p.m.

Attending:  Fran Ayres, Hunter Crowther-Heyck, Matt Younkins, Mike Sewell, Tom Ray, Jim Gardner, Robert Dougherty, Robert Kelly, Burr Millsap, Dan Hough, Deborah Trytten, Pramode Verma

Minutes of the August 8 special meeting were approved. Deborah Trytten presented the policy subcommitte’s draft of the password sharing policy. She noted that the proposed policy is not an ideal policy but due to limitations on resources for training and support it would be difficult for the University to adopt a policy that was too stringent. The ITC agreed to approve the policy as a draft for purposes of forwarding it to legal council and other parties. Dan Hough discussed issues with Blackboard. One issue was whether we need both Blackboard and WebCT or if one could serve common needs. Fran Ayres brought forward a request from faculty senate that the ITC look into plagiarism software. It was agreed that both Blackboard and plagiarism software would be considered by the Classroom and Teaching needs subcommittee.

Subcommittees were formed as follows:

ITC Policy Subcommittee:

Deborah Trytten (Chair), Dan Hough,  Robert Kelly, Mike Sewell, and June Lester

Charge: Draft policies on various ITC related matters as needed and work with ITC and various university officials to obtain approvals.

Classroom and Teaching Needs Subcommittee:

Jim Gardner (Chair), Hunter Crowther-Heyck, Robert Dougherty


Examine issues related to faculty training and development using IT

Examine campus-wide software for teaching and research and make recommendations regarding acquisition and licensing

Make recommendations regarding technology in classrooms and for teaching purposes

Common Computing Needs Subcommittee:

Dan Hough(Co-Chair), Cathy Pierson (?), Tom Ray (Co-Chair)


Consider issues related to faculty training, implementation of new systems, evaluating existing systems and surveying faculty and staff to determine computing needs

Multi-campus Subcommittee:

Pramode Verma (Chair), Burr Millsap, Mike Sewell, Fran Ayres


Consider interactivity and technology access across campuses and work with policy subcommittee to develop common processes and procedures.

Goals for 2003-04 were discussed. Fran Ayres proposed that we develop a white paper that outlines the characteristics of a high quality IT environment for teaching and research. Include comparison with peer schools for purposes of benchmarking. It was agreed that she would take work at drafting this and send it to the ITC for comments.