ITC Meeting Minutes

December 20, 2004  2:00- 3:30

In attendance were: Dimitrios Papavassillou , Burr Milsap, Donald Maletz, Sarah Robbins, Mike Sewell, and Deborah Trytten.

Absent: Nick Hathaway, Fran Ayres, Robert Kelly, Hunter Crowther-Heyck, Cheryl Carney, Dennis Aebersold, Robert Dougherty, Adam Westerman, Matthew Matos, Robert Kelly, and Nathan Kula.

Visitor: Matt Singleton


The meeting was called to order at 2:00.


The minutes from the November meeting were approved without corrections.


Spring 2005 Meetings

The Spring 2005 meetings will be from 3-4:30 on Monday February 21, March 21, and April 18.  Some members of the committee are not available for all of this time, but were available for some of it. Some members did not email schedules, so it is not known how many people have conflicts. We may have to find a compromise time in January.

Vision for IT

The ITC Vision Task Force has not been created yet.


Matt Singleton presented IT’s current vision statement, mission statement, and organizational goals.


ITC members asked about the Guide to Services, which used to be available.  This Guide is being rewritten and will be available at the January meeting.  It was suggested that the Guide of Services should be updated yearly.  Matt Singleton acknowledged that IT needs to improve both internal and external communication.  This is a culture change, and this type of change takes time.


We have noticed the improved relations between ITC and IT.  In particular, it has been very nice to have so much access to IT staff this year.  It has made the job of the ITC easier.


The issue of IT’s commitment to platform independence was raised.  Matt said that IT has been focusing on platform independence, however not all colleges and departments have been following this lead.


The issue of Exchange versus pop email accounts was discussed.  Some people have multiple accounts. Matt assured us that forwarding email between these accounts was possible.  IT is doing a better job of disabling accounts for people leaving OU.  The cost per account for Exchange is much higher than the cost of a pop account. Matt will provide better figures for the exact cost at the January meeting.


OU retirees are allowed to keep their pop account, but not their exchange account. Graduating students are allowed to keep their email account for one year. The College of Engineering has started a pilot program to allow students to keep their accounts and aliases permanently. Demand is being measured to get a grasp on the expense of this program.


The expansion of wireless networking was discussed.  IT is moving forward with the installation of wireless networking on all three campuses. Coverage in Bizzell and the Union is still not complete at this time.  No timeline is available. The cost of expanding the wireless network is substantial.  About ¼ of campus is covered at this time.


Cordless phones do interfere with some of the current wireless networking.  The newer wireless networking that is being installed will not have this problem.


The first sentence of the organization goals was questioned. “become the worldwide model for other universities for implementing technology into college curriculums.” With the financial limitations necessitated by OU’s budget, it seems unlikely that  this goal can be met.  


The competition between basic needs of the campus as a whole and large, flashy projects was discussed (like the infrastructure being installed in new buildings). Departments and colleges with more resources get much more technology than those with less funding. The Service Centers are an example of this. This was identified as a “trickle down” theory of technology.  But the trickle is very slow (wireless networking started in Engineering in 1996 has reached 25% of the campus now).

508 Task Force

We will have a representative from the 508 Task Force visit with the ITC either the task force, or the ITC in January.  We will try to get Dave Hoecker to come at talk to the ITC in January.  We’ll return to the web policy in January.


OUMM has been removed from the subject of mass mailings sent from OU.  This was done to cut down on complaints about mass mailings from OU.  OUMM was a backroom compromise worked out between ITC and IT and was never part of the policy.  (Warning: that isn’t quite true—see correction in January meeting minutes).


The email which was written on clickers was approved for distribution to instructional faculty.

Anti-Virus Software Change

IT has selected a new vendor for anti-virus software.  McAfee will be replaced by Semantec by the end of June. This will require removing all of the McAfee software from all machines on campus.  Much of this cost and inconvenience will fall on departments and colleges.

Site Licensing for Software Products

The need for users to be able to identify software products site licensed at OU was discussed. The communication of site licenses to the campus community needs to be improved.  The Guide to Services could include this information. If people would send purchases through Purchasing, duplication of site licenses could be avoided.

Policy Integration

The need to develop a working group to put our recent interim policies together into a single unit was discussed.  We’ll discuss this further in January.

Minimum Technology Standards

The idea of proposing minimum technology standards for faculty and staff was suggested. The potential expense of this suggestion gave the committee cause for concern.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:30.