ITC Meeting Minutes

February 21, 20053:00-4:30

In attendance were: Dennis Aebersold, Robert Kelly, Adam Westerman, Fran Ayres, Cheryl Carney, Burr Milsap, Donald Maletz, Sarah Robbins, Mike Sewell, and Deborah Trytten.

Absent: Nick Hathaway, Robert Dougherty, Dimitrios Papavassillou, Hunter Crowther-Heyck, and Matthew Matos.

Guests: Karen Cozart, and Laura Gibbs.


The recent recommendation by the Course Management System Task Force for OU to transition from Blackboard to Desire2Learn was discussed. The PowerPoint presentation about Desire2Learn is attached to the minutes.

Approval of Minutes

The February minutes were approved as written, with one absention. Donald Maletz moved the approval of the minutes, Sarah Robbins seconded.

Guide to Services

Deborah will ask Matt Singleton to provide the Guide to Information Technology Services for the March meeting.

Chair of ITC for 2005-2006

Deborah Trytten will not be able to Chair the ITC for 2005-2006. The ITC Chair must be a faculty member.To date, no faculty member has been willing to take on this role. We can recruit a chair externally. One way to do this is to have Deborah resign her position and allow the new chair to complete her term.Deborah suggested that it might be a good idea to have a new chair from Arts and Sciences. Several candidates were suggested: Bob Zmud (MIS, College of Business), June Lester (Library and Information Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences), Connie Dillon (Educational Leadership and Policy, College of Education), Doug Gaffin (Dean of University College), and James Gardner(Educational Psychology, College of Education). It is not clear that itís reasonable to request a Dean to take on this responsibility, so Doug Gaffin may not be a legitimate candidate.


Deborah also suggested that we could delay this decision until the Fall of 2005. At that point, someone will have to step up to the plate. Don Maletz suggested that offloading some of the secretarial work from Deborah might make this job easier for her to do again. Deborah rejected this suggestion.


The committee was generally comfortable with recruiting externally.


It was also suggested that the Faculty Senate might have a list of people who have volunteered to serve on ITC in the next year. If this list were to intersect with the preliminary list of candidates above, it would be very convenient.

PACCR Update

The plan of renovation for Dale 116 was reviewed.


In the coming Campus Campaign there is now a category for Classroom Renovation. Funds donated to this category will be used to continue to renovate classrooms.


The absence of a budget to maintain classrooms was discussed.

Web Policy

The web policy is still waiting for legal counsel approval. Deborah will get after them again.

Policy Integration

The committee integrating these policies will meet next Wednesday.

Retired Faculty

Fran Ayres discovered that a retired faculty member had been allowed to keep both his University email account and his web site. There was an off the record discussion of the issue culminating in a decision for the ITC to take no action on this issue.