ITC Meeting Minutes

March 21, 2005 3:00-4:30

In attendance were: Dennis Aebersold, Robert Dougherty, Robert Kelly, Adam Westerman, Cheryl Carney, Burr Milsap, Donald Maletz, Sarah Robbins, Mike Sewell, and Deborah Trytten.

Absent: Nick Hathaway, Fran Ayres, Dimitrios Papavassillou, Hunter Crowther-Heyck, and Matthew Matos.

Guests: Matt Singleton.


The approval of the minutes was delayed, since Dennis Aebersold and Matt Singleton had important business that needed to be addressed and had to leave for another meeting.

Network Policy

Dennis Aebersold indicates that IT has an urgent need to have a Network Policy that gives IT authority to manage the internet. There is a 1996 policy that is out of date.  Also, there is a draft from the summer of 2002 that was never made official. Perhaps, these can be combined together quickly into something that will be workable.


The need for this policy is urgent. There is a problem on the horizon that will necessitate the ownership of the internet on campus to be clarified in policy. The problem involves a “rogue” network.  Wireless networks are also becoming a problem that need to be addressed.


The timeline for this policy is very short.  This policy needs to be in place as quickly as possible. Realistically this may be early next fall.


Don Maletz asked what the “tools of access” for the network are, in the policy. No conclusion was reached on this matter. The Policy Subcommittee will investigate it.

IT Services Guide

A current draft of the IT Services Guide was presented to the ITC. While the content is complete, the organization is still under discussion.  Matt Singleton would appreciate recommendations on the structure of the document. Robert Kelly suggested that the 2003 Guide to Services was well organized and could be used as a model.


Problem with communicating the list of site licensed software available at OU were discussed. This problem is particularly pernicious with software that is inexpensive enough to be purchased with Pro-cards.


The IT Services Guide will be reviewed again at next month’s meeting.

Web Policy

Some minor changes to the policy suggested by Legal Counsel were approved.


Don Maletz moved the approval of the policy with the proposed changes. Robert Dougherty seconded the motion. The policy was unanimously approved.

Approval of Minutes

Mike Sewell reports that he was absent from the February meeting.  Approval of the minutes was moved by Don Maletz, and seconded by Cheryl Carney. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Policy Integration

The Policy Subcommittee discussed the integration of the existing IT policies into a single document.  The necessity to have these policies in the Faculty, Staff and Student Handbooks was discussed. Putting the full policies into the handbooks is not feasible, because of the time lag involved in changing the handbooks and the frequent need to change IT related policies. The option of including generic language into the handbooks with links to the ITC web site where the full policies could be found was discussed and determined to be the best choice.  This work will be completed next fall.


The need to remove “Interim” from several of the policy titles was discussed.  Also, changes need to be made regarding the email prefix in the Email Policy. However, in general these policies have stood the test of time so far and do not appear to need major modifications at this time. These policies will be reviewed in the Fall 2005, after the Network Policy has been passed.


The need to integrate the Password Sharing policy into the Acceptable Use Policy was discussed.

Chair for 2005-2006

After a substantial discussion of who should chair ITC next year, Don Maletz was nominated to Chair the ITC for the 2005-2006 academic year by Robert Dougherty. Deborah Trytten seconded his nomination. The ITC unanimously approved his election.  His willingness to serve in this capacity is greatly appreciated.