Information Technology Council

Minutes for the Meeting of October 6, 1997

Members present: D. Brown, L. Colaw, F. Durso, G. Green, C. Hudgin, B. Mason, L. Portwood, T. Ragan, M. Sherbon, W. Stolt, B. Swisher.
  1. Lee distributed a draft policy on web pages and suggested that the council will need to look into problems of copyright laws in the distribution of material on web pages.  This issues ties into problems of intellectual property, web publishing, and who should bear the burden of copyright issues.
  2. A description of OneNet was given to the council.  Its goals, capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages were discussed.
  3. The first set of recommendations from the Mingle report, specifically those dealing with distance education, were discussed.  This was a wide-ranging discussion.  The major points are outlined below:

  5. Further discussion of the Mingle report will continue next week.


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