Information Technology Council

Minutes for the Meeting of November 7, 1997

Members present:  D. Brown, F. Durso, B. Mason, J. Moore, L. Portwood, W. Stolt, B. Swisher.
  1. The UTIL grant proposals have been received and will be discussed by the instructional committee this week.
  2. November 25 there will be a Technology Forum.  Lee Colaw, Wilbur Stolt, Dale Fike, and Bruce Mason will discuss current services and future directions for IT on campus.
  3. Statistics regarding e-mail usage, student computer lab usage, and modem pool usage were presented.  All indicate large, and growing, use of IT resources on campus.  Student lab usage seems mostly to be determined by convenience, although statistics giving percentage of capacity (total and by college) would be useful.  The modem pool is over booked, averaging approximately 18 hours per modem per day in use (assuming 100% uptime).  Strategies for meeting this demand, including adding lines, moving to private ISP's, charging, and re-allocating resources will be discussed at a later meeting.
  4. Council members agreed to help the planning process by researching best practices in different areas of concern.  The assignments are:  Support & Training, L. Portwood & B. Dauffenbach; Infrastructure & Life Cycle Costs, M. Sherbon, W. Stolt, F. Durso; Encouragement & Rewards, D. Brown, T. Regan, D. Trytten, B. Swisher; Administrative & Student Services, J. Moore & M. Borish.

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