Information Technology Council

Minutes for the Meeting of December 1, 1997

Members present:  B. Dauffenbach, B. Mason, L. Portwood, M. Sherbon, W. Stolt

Guest:  J. Pappas
 The council discussed issues relating to distance education and technology at the University of Oklahoma with Dr. Pappas, Dean of CCE.  Important points and issues that were brought forward in this discussion included:

  1. There are an increasing number of sources for distance education across the country, including full degree programs.  Although our core efforts as a residential undergraduate university may not be strongly affected by this, there will be increased competition.  The university should be involved in new modes of eduction, both to enhance the traditional student experience and to compete in new modes of education.  There are good opportunities in currently strong areas of the university.  Efforts should focus on these niche markets of excellence.  This will help the university by expanding its market, continuing to serve its alumni, and increasing its national and international exposure.
  2. The technology for distance education varies widely, but in all cases faculty need training in effective use.  There is too much emphasis on synchronous teaching models.  Currently there is little centralized planning and management for training and support.  Due to budget requirements, CCE is limited to funded projects.  DCTS has more expertise in technology than pedagogy, but also has the largest sources of funding (E&G and student fees).  Some training efforts on the college level have been started but coordination of efforts is needed.  Cooperation between colleges and units can be problematic.
  3. Several developments are envisioned that can increase technology and distance education use at OU.  Faculty incentives, such a release time, grant programs, and increased funding to units are necessary.  University, college, and unit training and development efforts need to be supported, perhaps through a central pool for technology services.  Possibilities for cost sharing should be explored.

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