Information Technology Council

Minutes for the Meeting of December 6, 1996

Members present: E. Anderson, P. Bell, D. Brown, L. Colaw, G. Green, C. Hudgin, B. Mason, J. Moore, L. Portwood, D. Trytten

  1. Bruce Mason announced that the University of Oklahoma is now a charter member of the Internet 2 consortium. Lee Colaw discussed briefly the technical issues involved.
  2. John Moore reported on the first meeting of the Administrative Computing subcommittee. They met Nov. 14 to discuss goals and objectives. Marc Borish was chosen as chair.
  3. Lisa Portwood reported on the TLI progress reports.
  4. Garrett Green reported on the meetings of the Student Technology Allocation Committee. On Nov. 12 the committee met to organize, select Garrett Green and Bruce Mason as co-chairs, and discuss concerns of students regarding technology. On Nov. 25 the committee heard a report from Lee Colaw on budgeting of student fee money and DCTS structure and plans.
  5. Dale Brown reported on the meeting of the Network Admin subcommittee. The most important issue addressed was communication between DCTS and LAN administrators. A meeting is being planned between ITC, DCTS, and the LAN administrators on campus. There was also discussion of a listserv informing administrators of policy issues.
  6. Bruce Mason reported on the first meeting of the strategic planning task force. Presented was an outline of the survey process that will be used, and some of the issues involved.