Information Technology Council

Minutes for the Meeting of February 19, 1998

Members present:  M. Borish, D. Brown, F. Durso, C. Hudgin, B. Mason, L. Portwood, M. Sherbon, W. Stolt, B. Swisher
  1. Recent modem pool statistics were presented.  The 10 users  with the largest total connection time (out of approximately 5000 total modem pool users) account for 5% of the total connection time.
  2. The council discussed further the planning outline, OUissues.  The issues stressed by members of the council for changes and emphasis were:
  3. Issues were divided among members of the ITC for reports at the next ITC meeting.  This division was:  Infrastructure,  F. Durso, M. Sherbon, W. Stolt; Support & Training, B. Dauffenbach, C. Hudgin, L. Portwood; Incentives, D. Brown, T. Regan, B. Swisher, D. Trytten; Administrative Computing, M. Borish, B. Mason.

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