Information Technology Council

Minutes for the Meeting of February 3, 1997

Members present: E. Anderson, P. Bell, D. Brown, L. Colaw, R. Dauffenbach, G. Green, D. Hough, C. Hudgin, B. Mason, L. Portwood, D. Trytten

Guest present:  M. Borish

  1. General announcements were made.  The Kiosk deal through the state regents is being arranged.  This will provide a web interface to University information.  The e-mail policy was tabled by the Faculty Senate and has not been reconsidered.
  2. Marc Borish reported on the administrative committee.  They see a strong need for money for staffing rather than hardware and software.  There needs to be a focus on creating web-based material.
  3. Lisa Portwood reported on the instructional committee.  There will be a "Media Fair" to showcase TLI awardees in April.  The committee is also considering campus goals for technology in learning and instruction.  Lee Colaw reported on demonstrations of technology in instruction.
  4. Dale Brown reported on the LAN admin. committee.  A luncheon or meeting with DCTS is to be planned.  The main goal is to strengthen ties between DCTS and the various LAN administrators on campus.
  5. Bob Dauffenbach reported on the strategic planning task force.  The goal is to survey faculty, staff, and students on use of and expectations for technology.  The goals of these surveys and possible mechanisms for performing the survey were discussed.
  6. Lee Colaw outlined the needs for policy statements on acceptable use of technology resources on campus and the OU web pages.  There are concerns over University liability for material published on the web.  Deborah Trytten agreed to draft a white paper on issues and policy choices.
  7. Lee Colaw updated the council on Internet 2 and other state-wide efforts for improving network bandwidth.