Information Technology Council

Minutes for the Meeting of March 19, 1998

Members present:  C. Hudgin, B. Mason, L. Portwood, M. Sherbon, W. Stolt, B. Swisher

Guest:  G. Ahmadi
At this meeting, the draft campus technology planning document was discussed.

  1. The planning document needs to have specific references to the Mingle report and priority items from the State Regents.
  2. Resources, such as computer labs, for student technology training through the Gateway courses need to be provided.  This could include connection with bibliographic training from the Library.  The campus needs an accessible computer classroom for short term needs such as this sort of training.
  3. Student access to technology needs to be improved through better modem access and, in the future, computer purchase requirements.  Issues of financing and loaner programs will need to be addressed in this.  Computer requirements must match student computer needs.  This will free the university to provide quality services and resources, rather than being tied to the upgrade costs of technology for 20,000 students.  The University of Florida is placing such a requirement on its students.
  4. The planning document should not refer to priorities as "creating an office for ...." because this implies an increase in bureaucracy that isn't needed.
  5. The classroom technology group is working on surveying needs for classroom upgrades.  The issues of upgrading non-centrally scheduled classrooms needs to be addressed.  Classroom scheduling will need to take into account the technology needs of classes.  There will also need to be a phased plan for classroom technology upgrades.

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