Information Technology Council

Minutes for the Meeting of March 22, 1996

Members present: E. Anderson, D. Brown, C. Dillon, M. Gillette, D. Hough, B. Mason, L. Portwood, D. Roberts, S. Sohail

  1. Lisa Portwood reported on the meeting of the Instructional Technology committee. The committee will work on a draft proposal for the “Educational Development Initiative” at their next meeting.

  2. Dale Brown reported on the meeting of the Network Administration committee. The committee is drafting a policy framework for network access and responsibilities.

  3. A discussion of general problems and issues of immediate concern to the ITC was held. The issues discussed were:

  4. Points (a) and (c) above will be discussed at our next meeting, Friday April 5. Point (b) will be discussed at the following meeting, Friday April 17. Guests will be invited to this meeting to discuss the background for the existing policies. Point (d) will be a subject of continuing work between the ITC and the students.