Information Technology Council

Minutes for the Meeting of March 24, 1997

Members present: P. Bell, D. Brown, L. Colaw, B. Dauffenbach, G. Green, D. Hough, C. Hudgin, B. Mason, L. Portwood
  1. Bob Dauffenbach discussed the final draft and testing of the faculty technology survey.  The council discussed how to focus the survey on issues related to the campus.
  2. Lisa Portwood reported on the Technology Tour de Force.  There will be 20 interactive presentations and three lecture demonstrations.
  3. Lee Colaw discussed computing issues on campus.  The new student computer lab in Couch has received high praise and high usage.  A central printing solution is being tested.  There has also been several inquiries from companies regarding cellular phone and data services on campus.  These discussions are very preliminary.
  4. The issues and needs for WWW, e-mail, and usage policies were discussed.  The importance of distinguishing official, faculty/staff, and student web pages was emphasized.  The question of student-run pages was considered.  For the next meeting, these issues will be considered with legal council, and draft policies posted to the ITC web page.