Information Technology Council

Minutes for the Meeting of April 5, 1996

Members present: E. Anderson, S. Boesch, D. Brown, L. Colaw, C. Dillon, D. Hough, B. Mason, J. Moore, L. Portwood, W. Ray

  1. Lisa Portwood reported on the meeting of the Instructional Technology committee. The committee will work on both a proposal to fund the Educational Development Initiative and an Request for Proposals for approval of the ITC.

  2. Eric Anderson reported on the meeting of the Creative Activities committee. The committee is working on a study of computer resources used for research and creative activities, and funding sources for these facilities. They also will be working with the Library on studying on-line access to journals. Bill Ray suggested the ITC should encourage members of the University to start on-line publishing of journals locally.

  3. Bruce Mason reported on the student technology fee issue. The UOSA Congress and Graduate Student Senate passed a joint resolution approving the networking fee with changes from the original proposal of the administration. As part of these changes, the ITC is jointly sponsoring a Fee Forum on Wednesday, April 10 at 4:30 in Dale Hall room 107 for a discussion with students and representatives of colleges regarding the uses of student technology fees.

  4. Lee Colaw reported on the plans for a central help desk for networking and computing questions. The proposal to fund this operation is coming before the Regents for approval. The ITC strongly supports this effort. Additionally, it was suggested that other resources for helping students could be placed on the OU web site for improved access.

  5. The possibilities for campus-wide site licenses for software were discussed. The possibility for savings to the University are large. There are programs being established with several vendors, but the organization for handling this is not yet in place. The Network Administration committee will undertake the effort of collecting information of what software users are interesting in buying and getting information out regarding programs that exist. It was suggested that working closely with purchasing on this matter will be helpful.

  6. Lee Colaw presented updated information regarding the modem pool. There has been an improvement in service since the policy of terminating sessions after a certain time period was started. In addition, there have been no complaints about this policy so far. Future plans for the modem pool include determining optimal allowed connect times, the purchase of more modems, and the creation of different classes of connections.

  7. The issue of shutdown of newsgroups on the University news server was discussed. The members of the ITC were strongly opposed to this action. They felt that the ITC needs to be a part of any further decisions on this matter.