Information Technology Council

Minutes for the Meeting of April 7, 1997

Members present: L. Colaw, B. Dauffenbach, G. Green, D. Hough, B. Mason, J. Moore

Guest:  K. Ockershauser

This meeting was taken up with the legal issues involved in campus Web and Usage policies.

The Web policy, drafted by Deborah Trytten, had two main points.  First, the University should not attempt to monitor and/or regulate the content on the OU web pages, particularly person pages, because of the resultant liability.  Second, there must be a process for immediate response to complaints.  A Web review group to handle these complaints is recommended, although the number of complaints could be large.  It is suggested that when complaints are received about a web page, the owner be notified immediately, the page remain on the server during review, and the review be performed within 72 hours of the complaint.  Appeals of review decisions will go through established appeals boards.

The Acceptable Use policy, drafted by Lee Colaw, included general guidelines for use of technology resources on campus.  This document follows closely the Network Access Guidelines.  Questions of the scope of this document, how it should be distributed, and usage for political or religious purposes were discussed.  A final draft will be considered at the next ITC meeting.