Information Technology Council

Minutes for the Meeting of April 9, 1998

Members present:  M. Borish, L. Colaw, C. Hudgin, B. Mason, L. Portwood, W. Stolt, B. Swisher, D. Trytten
  1. Lee Colaw presented an overview of the DCTS budget at this meeting.  The total FY 98 budget was approximately $15.6 million.  More than half of this amount was in the soft money operations of Office Systems and Telecom.  The only increase in operating budget that DCTS has received in several years is the student fee money and university's match to the student fees, approximately $2.2 million.
  2. Approximately 65% of the DCTS expenses are for personel.  There is currently approximately a 15% position vacancy in the staff, due in part to frozen positions and insufficient funds in many of the staff lines.  The goal is to fill the vacancies by the end of the year, in part through considation of lines.  There is also a concern regarding an aging workforce at DCTS and the future costs of replacing staff when they retire.
  3. Other significant costs for this year include the Technology Information Center, the Engineering Laptop Program, and communication costs to Merrick.  Important future costs include the document imaging project, access charges from OneNet, modem pool improvements, enhanced licensing agreements, and increased web support and operations.
  4. The ITC needs to push the idea that to provide services that are competitive with peer institutions, new money must be found to fund the infrastructure, training, and support initiatives recommended in the goals document.  Student and faculty support for these efforts will be needed.
  5. There needs to be included in the goals document some consideration of the needs and costs of the colleges and units at the university.  Some estimate of these costs needs to be made.  In addition, better communication with and support of the technical community through regular user group meetings are necessary.

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