Information Technology Council

Minutes for the Meeting of May 3, 1996

Members present: P. Bell, S. Boesch, D. Brown, R. Dauffenbach, D. Hough, B. Mason, L. Portwood, W. Ray, D. Trytten

Guests present: K. Ockershauser, T. Stewart

  1. Bruce Mason introduced the two new faculty members on the ITC. Bob Dauffenbach from Business will begin a three year term starting in the Fall of 1996, and Deborah Trytten from Computer Science will be completing the term of Kelvin Droegemeier for the 1996/97 and 1997/98 academic years.

  2. Lisa Portwood distributed the final draft from the Instructional Technology Committee of an RFP for the Provostís competition for instructional development funds. The draft was approved by the ITC and will be forwarded to the Provost and Deans Crynes and Pappas who are also working on this funding program.

  3. Dale Brown introduced a request drafted by the Network Administration Committee that a software site license program be organized on campus. These was general agreement that a central "site license czar" is needed on campus to achieve the savings. This program should involve auditing and maintaining current licenses, distributing licensed software, negotiating with software vendors, and polling users for additional license possibilities. Close collaboration between the department(s) running this program, the users, and the ITC is needed for optimal effectiveness.

  4. Dale Brown introduced a set of "Rights and Responsibilities" drafted by the Network Administration Committee. There ensued a long discussion of the expectations and efficacy for privacy of materials on University computers. This was combined with a discussion of a draft University e-mail policy, with Kurt Ockershauser from the Office of Legal Council joining the ITC. A final consensus was reached that, although electronic information is inherently insecure, the members of the University community should be able to expect some level of privacy in their work. In addition, there needs to be established a process for intentional access to usersí files. Kurt Ockershauser agreed to work on the wording of the e-mail policy. Bruce Mason agreed to work on the wording of the "Rights and Responsibilities" document.