Information Technology Council

Minutes for the Meeting of June 21, 1996

Members present: S. Boesch, D. Brown, L. Colaw, R. Dauffenbach, C. Dillon, D. Hough, B. Mason, J. Moore, L. Portwood

  1. Bruce Mason reported on discussions with student leaders regarding the creation of a student affairs standing committee. This committee will be charged with addressing student concerns, reviewing the use of student technology fees, and advising on the expenditure of $200,000 per year of E&G money on technology.

  1. Lisa Portwood reported on the results of the Technology for Learning Improvement grant program. There are 27 grant proposals requesting $288,000 total. The instruction committee will review the proposals and report at the next ITC meeting. Lisa agreed to e-mail all P.I.'s with information regarding the competition.

  1. Lee Colaw reported on the site license program that has been started in DCTS. The list of the current software programs were distributed to the ITC and will be distributed to the entire campus before the fall semester. This program will be run in conjunction with the central help desk, so final details of the program are still being completed. It was suggested that information such as phone numbers and names be included in the information distributed to the campus community.

  1. Lee Colaw reported on the status of the RFP for the mainframe replacement. There are 8 basic contract areas that will impact all aspects of administrative computing on campus. The current time frame for the upgrade is November 15 delivery with the entire project completed by the end of 1997.

  1. John Moore discussed the status of the optical imaging pilot project. This will aid in the University's goal to use much less paper in the future. The prototype has been a great success, although the up-front costs of expanding the project to the entire campus are quite large.

  1. Bob Dauffenbach brought up the question of computer help and consulting services on campus. For example, many researchers across campus need help with statistical analysis of data. Currently there are no coherent plans for organizing or paying for these services. This is an item that the research committee of the ITC will take under consideration.

  1. Bruce Mason reported on the recommendation that the internet task force will send to President Boren. The preferred policy solution, dual news feeds, one for the members of the campus community and one for those not belonging to the University, was explained. The ITC will recommend that this be made an interim solution until the fall semester when the various representative bodies can vote on it. Lee Colaw advised the ITC that this is related to several other privacy issues regarding students.

  1. The revised Rights and Responsibilities document was distributed for the members of the ITC to review. This will be used as a working policy for the ITC, with the ultimate goal of being recognized campus-wide as a fundamental policy document covering technology. There are many issues, such as the e-mail policy, web access, and wireless networking in the College of Engineering, that require such a fundamental statement of responsibilities.