Information Technology Council

Minutes for the Meeting of September 21, 1996

Members present: E. Anderson, D. Brown, L. Colaw, R. Dauffenbach, D. Hough, B. Mason, J. Moore, L. Portwood, D. Roberts, W. Ray, C. Stockdale, D. Trytten

  1. New members to the ITC, Bob Dauffenbach, Deborah Trytten, and Chris Stockdale were introduced. Lisa Portwood was re-appointed as a staff member of the Council.
  2. ITC members were asked to express their preferences for standing committee membership.
  3. The organization of the Student Fee Allocation Committee was discussed. Lisa Portwood requested that staff be represented on this committee. Eric Anderson and Deborah Trytten expressed an interest in being faculty representatives in this effort.
  4. Draft policies for e-mail, web pages, and general technology access were distributed. These are to be completed and referred to the administration and legislative bodies this semester. Lee Colaw pointed out the importance of these policies due to the 35-40 thousand e-mail accounts now on campus, and that space for personal web pages will soon be available.
  5. The creation of policy and planning strategies will be an important goal for the ITC this year. There was general discussion of models for these efforts. The need for baseline information in decision making was discussed. A group consisting of Bob Dauffenbach, John Moore, Chris Stockdale, and Bruce Mason agreed to look into surveying the campus for current infrastructure and needs. The importance of giving positive reasons to respond to such a survey was stressed.
  6. Dan Hough reminded the Council that four candidates for Provost were being interviewed over the next two weeks, and urged members to attend the open forums.
  7. Lee Colaw reported that 115 computers had been sold in the hardware program that DCTS has arranged, and a service representative is now available on campus.