The University of Oklahoma holds as one of its highest values and as a primary basis of the academic community the right of faculty, staff, and students to explore and develop knowledge. The University considers it a violation of this policy to falsely represent oneself as another individual, to use the name or identity of another person without authorization as that individual's delegated agent, or to present oneself as the spokesperson of an organization or unit without proper authorization to do so.

Password Policy

Accounts and passwords are given to individuals for individual use and should not ordinarily be shared, except when necessary to accomplish the mission of the University. If a password has to be shared, it should be changed as soon as possible.


Observance of this policy and adherence to the rules of good practice in use of user IDs and passwords does not imply or suggest privacy in use of the information resources included in University computing systems and networks. The University policy on privacy in electronic communication is found in the Policy on Email Use at the University of Oklahoma and in the Policy on Information Systems Security . Enforcement of this policy is detailed in these documents.