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University Email Notifications

In order to assure timely and efficient communication, the University establishes email as an acceptable means of official communication.

All University students, faculty, and staff will be assigned an official University email account. Official University communications may be sent to this account. Email sent to this account is expected to be read in a timely fashion, except in circumstances where access to email is impracticable.

Faculty and staff may assume that a studentís official University email is a valid mechanism for communicating with that student. Faculty who rely upon electronic communication with or between students in their classes will specify their requirements in the course syllabus.

Disclaimer: Account holders who choose to have email forwarded to another email address do so at their own risk.† An account holderís failure to receive or read, in a timely manner, official University communications sent to an official email account does not absolve the account holder from knowing and complying with the content of the official communication.