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Spring 2009Self-study pre-planning committee established to review all aspects of assessment and accountability processes.
July 8, 2009Pre-planning Committee Meeting
October 14, 2009Pre-planning Committee Meeting
March 10, 2010                 Pre-planning Committee Meeting (self-study coordinator introduced)
Summer 2010Create Self-study Design, gather mission documents, draft charges to Committees, create power point presentation for various constituencies, create an electronic data collection plan, and submit self-study design to HLC liaison for review and comment
August 2010Steering Committee meeting; Committee structure and personnel finalized
Aug./Sept. 2010                Coordinator meets with committees to give them their charges
Sept./Oct. 2010Coordinator meets with the Board of Regents, Vice Presidents, Councils of Deans, Faculty Senates, Staff Senates, and Student Governments to discuss self-study process
2010-2011Reporting Committees meet through the academic year, marshalling evidence, analyzing data, and drafting reports
Dec. 15, 2010Criterion One Committee Completes its Report.  Since its work will form the foundation for the whole self-study document, its report must be finished first.  Criterion One Committee will continue to work in the spring of 2011 as needed.
January 2011Review suggested site team, checking for conflicts
April 30, 2011Other Reporting Committees Complete Reports
Summer 2011Coordinator drafts Self-Study
September 2011Finalize Strategy for Third Part Comment – Alum magazine
Sept./Oct. 2011Coordinator meets with the Board of Regents, Vice Presidents, Councils of Deans, Faculty Senates, Staff Senates, and Student Governments to provide update and seek input on draft
October  15, 2011Self-study disseminated to all  university constituencies for review and comment
November 15, 2011Last day for community to comment on Self-Study draft.
December 2011Seek Third Party Comment
December 5, 2011Revised and completed self-study given final review in President’s Office
January 6, 2012                

Last day to send Self-Study to the HLC and the site evaluators


Institutional Snapshot, including fall 2011 enrollment and faculty data


Virtual Resource Room completed

Jan/Feb 2012

Self-Study Coordinator continues to prepare campus for site visit through media and by meeting with individuals and groups who will visited by the site team


Physical Resource Room completed

March 5-7, 2012Campus Site Visit

Review draft of team report and send comments for errors of fact


Final report reviewed and create institutional response


Share team findings with campus community