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The University of Oklahoma
Academic Advising

5-Drop Limit

Effective with the fall 2011 semester, students are limited to 5 drops in their academic career at OU. Complete withdrawals at OU, drops from other institutions, and drops from previous semesters do not count in the 5-drop limit.


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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduates may work with faculty in research and creative activities. The Undergraduate Research site provides details for such opportunities.

Multidisciplinary Studies

Admission Requirements

  • OU Students: 2.0 GPA (COMB and OU)
  • Transfer Students: fewer than 60 hours 2.5 GPA; 60 or more hours 2.0 GPA

Advising office:  124 Ellison Hall
Phone: (405) 325-4411   Advising website      Checksheets
Q. Who is my advisor?
A. The College of Arts and Sciences administers the Multidisciplinary Degree Program. If you are interested in pursuing this degree plan, e-mail for more information.

Q. When should I be advised?
A. Students are required to be advised prior to each enrollment period.


The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Multidisciplinary Studies are university-wide degrees administered through the College of Arts and Sciences. There are two levels of academic counseling for this degree: program level and graduation level.


The program-level advisor will provide information about Multidisciplinary Studies and will work with you to design a major around a coherent theme to meet your individual needs. After the Vice Provost for Instruction has approved your plan, you will meet with your program-level advisor each semester prior to enrollment. You may schedule an advising appointment using the iAdvise link.


Upon achieving 90 credit hours (completed + enrolled), you should schedule an appointment for a degree check through the iAdvise appointment system with the college-level academic counselor in the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Services office, 124 Ellison Hall, 405-325-4411.


Students transferring to Multidisciplinary Studies from other universities should meet with the college-level academic counselor for an evaluation of credits. Please call 325-4411 to schedule a Transfer Student appointment.