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The University of Oklahoma
Academic Advising

5-Drop Limit

Effective with the fall 2011 semester, students are limited to 5 drops in their academic career at OU. Complete withdrawals at OU, drops from other institutions, and drops from previous semesters do not count in the 5-drop limit.


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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduates may work with faculty in research and creative activities. The Undergraduate Research site provides details for such opportunities.

How To Cancel Enrollment

Many students are confused by the difference between “canceling” and “withdrawing” and how these affect tuition charges and grades.


Cancellation is the term OU uses if a student drops all of the classes before classes begin. Canceling enrollment removes all tuition charges and all record of enrollment. No grades are recorded. 


When you cancel your enrollment it is critical that you make an informed decision, as there could be an unexpected impact on financial aid, insurance eligibility, etc. Please check with financial aid, your insurance company, or other entities that might need verification of your enrollment before you proceed.


We strongly encourage you to visit with your academic advisor before cancelling your enrollment as part of making an informed decision that could have far-reaching consequences.


How to Cancel Your Enrollment

  • Students may cancel enrollment (before classes begin) online through the Add or Drop Classes link on the Academics tab in
  • Select a specific semester; the cancellation affects only that particular semester.
  • Students may choose to cancel enrollment in person in Enrollment Services, 230 Buchanan Hall.
  • Cancelled students are not charged fees or tuition and there is no record or grade.