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The University of Oklahoma Brand GuideThe University of OklahomaThe University of Oklahoma Brand Guide

How to Obtain a License

Any product bearing The University of Oklahoma marks must be produced only by licensees. Printed materials covered under the policies of The University of Oklahoma’s Licensing Department such as brochures, pamphlets, stationery, note cards, and banners, for example, do not require licensing, but do require the approval of the Licensing Department.


However, if any of these printed materials will be sold, such as a calendar or cookbook, the product must comply with OU’s licensing policies, and the printer must be licensed through The Collegiate Licensing Company. The licensing process for these types of projects is simple, and Oklahoma Licensing can help.

Steps for Obtaining Art & Product Approvals

  • Licensee lists can be found at More than 500 licensed manufacturers are available to assist your production needs, including many in-state and locally licensed companies.
  • Send your desired artwork to a licensee or ask the licensee to assist in designing a look for you.
  • The licensee will submit your design to OU’s Licensing Office for approval.
  • If you cannot find a manufacturer who offers the product you want or if you need assistance, contact OU’s Licensing Department for assistance at

The University of Oklahoma Office of Trademark Licensing

180 W. Brooks

Norman, OK 73019

Design Parameters

The University of Oklahoma Licensing reserves the right to disallow or request changes to OU designs that do not adhere to standards, that do not reflect an appropriate level of quality and design, that may conflict with current trademarks or that might be seen as offensive or in poor taste. Sometimes, proposed designs fall into a “gray” area for which there is no firm standard, and in these cases OU Licensing reserves the right to disallow a design and/or to recommend an appropriate alternative.

Unlicensed association or use of marks risks the integrity of the OU brand and is a Class C felony in the state of Oklahoma. Finally, licensing enables OU students to benefit through scholarship funding from the commercial use of OU’s marks. Therefore, OU products can be made only by companies/licensees who are under contract with the university’s licensing agent, the Collegiate Licensing Company.

Collegiate Licensing Company, Inc.

320 Interstate North, Suite 102

Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Phone: (770) 956-0520

How to Obtain Reproducible Art

To obtain reproducible artwork, please contact:

The University of Oklahoma Office of Trademark Licensing

180 W. Brooks

Norman, OK 73019