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The University of Oklahoma Brand GuideThe University of OklahomaThe University of Oklahoma Brand Guide

The Need for Brand Consistency


The University of Oklahoma is known and recognized throughout the United States and the world. Therefore, it is critical that the visual elements and the brand that represent the institution and its image do so consistently and with integrity. Institutions nationally have begun recognizing the importance of image and brand consistency, implementing cohesive standards to protect their images, enhancing the value of their names and building a foundation for successful branding. Successful branding occurs when an entity presents itself consistently over time, creating an emotional connection with desired audiences. A proliferation of independent, decentralized identities and symbols creates confusion in the minds of audiences whose support we seek: students, prospective students, parents, alumni and supporters. While logos and symbols are not the sole elements of an institutional “brand,” they are its visual representation and extension. When that visual representation is disconnected or inconsistent, it follows that the perception of the institution can also become disconnected or inconsistent. 

There's Only One Oklahoma