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Budget Revisions Monthly Deadline


September 24


October 27

















OU Budget Office General Information

Budget Process

The annual budget development process at the University of Oklahoma is no longer isolated to only a small window of time in the spring.  Departments are able to update both the current-year budget, as well as the subsequent-year budget, through changes using the budget system’s budget revision and position (earnings) distribution screens.  For additional information, see Earnings Distribution or Budget Revisions.

The Budget Office distributes quarterly versions of the subsequent year’s budget (FY 2015, for example) until April when versions are released more frequently.  Departments, colleges and vice presidential areas review these copies for accuracy and make changes as necessary through permanent or recurring revisions.  Final changes are completed by the Budget Office in the latter part of May and early June and a copy of the operating budget detail is released to OU Executive Officers, OU Regents, and the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education for review and approval in late June.

Budget requests for “new” money are directed through the various deans and directors, and vice presidents for compilation and consideration by the president.  Those commitments approved by the president are funded in June once final appropriations are allocated by the State Regents Office and tuition and fee changes are approved and authorized by the Boards of Regents.