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The University of Oklahoma




Budget Revisions Monthly Deadline


July 25

Only electronic revisions will be accepted during July.  Paper revisions can be processed beginning in August.


August 25



















OU Budget Office General Information

Activity and Sub-Activity Code Details

These fund reporting codes are used by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and conform to the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) fund categories:


Instruction (Activity  11)

10000       General Academic Instruction

11000       Vocational/Technical Instruction

12000       Special Session Instruction

13000       Community Education


Research  (Activity  12)

20000      Individual and Project Research

21000      Institutes and Research Centers


Public Service  (Activity  13)

30000      Community Service

31000      Cooperative Extension Service

32000      Public Broadcasting Services


Academic Support  (Activity  14)

40000      Libraries

41000      Museum and Galleries

42000      Educational Media Services

43000      Ancillary Support

44000      Academic Administration

45000      Personnel Development

46000      Course and Curriculum Development

47000      Academic Support Information Technology

Student Services  (Activity  15)

50000      Student Services Administration

51000      Social and Cultural Development

52000      Counseling and Career Guidance

53000      Financial Aid Administration

54000      Student Admissions and Records

56000      Student Health Services


Institutional Support  (Activity  16)

60000     Executive Management

61000     Fiscal Operations

62000     General Administration

65000     Public Relations/Development

88600     Administrative Information Technology

Operation and Maintenance of Plant  (Activity  17)

70000     Physical Plant Administration

71000     Building Maintenance

72000     Custodian Services

73000     Utilities

74000     Landscape and Grounds Maintenance

75000     Major Repairs and Renovations

76000     Safety & Security

77000     Logistical Services


Scholarships and Fellowships  (Activity  18)

930005   Scholarships

935005   Fellowships