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Budget Council Membership 2015-16

 Members   Ex-officio, nonvoting members   Term
Kyle Harper   Senior Vice President and Provost    
Nick Hathaway   Executive Vice President & Vice President for Administration and Finance    
    Faculty Senate Appointments    
Max Forester   Mathematics   2012-15
Ronald Halterman   Chemistry & Biochemistry   2012-15
Katerina Tsetsura   Journalism   2013-16
Prakash Vedula   Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering   2014-17
    Staff Senate Appointments    
Rebecca Norris   Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering   2013-16
Rachel Tucker   Vice President for Research Office   2014-17
    SGA Appointments    
Vacant   Student   2014-15
Vacant   Student   2014-15
    Presidential Appointments    
David Boeck   Architecture   2013-16
Dan Hough   I.T.   2013-16
Robert Lifset (Chair)   Honors College   2015-16
Vacant   Student   2014-15